2021 Hurricane Season Updates

Know Your Zone

2021 Hurricane Guides: Today Hurricane Guides were sent to our eastern counties. Other outreach materials, including an electronic version of the Hurricane Guide, are currently on the Know Your Zone website (knowyourzone.nc.gov ). This includes the lookup tool, static evacuation maps, FAQ and a digital toolkit for local governments. The digital toolkit includes social media graphics, print templates, and school-age resources.


People living in areas prone to hurricane-caused flooding, should make a plan to stay with family or friends, or at a hotel, if they have to evacuate. Staying at a shelter will not be a good primary option during the pandemic and should only be a last resort. We are encouraging those living in a safe place inland to offer to let family or friends evacuate to their home.  Non-congregate sheltering options like hotels and dormitories are preferred this year, but not guaranteed.” – Mike Sprayberry, NCEM Director