M8 gets an update

January 2019

The group took on a pretty large project of updating the interior of the M8. Over the holiday break the floor of the M8 had some TLC in the form of recessing the floor e-tracks (they provide a connection point to tie down the equipment). When the track process was completed, the floors were tackled next. The floors were sanded down and finished for better durability. The front command area was given some attention also. The comms group added a new call manager (independent call routing for deployments or can be connected into Field Communications Unit for an area network), new laptop workstations, and a WiFi hub for the rear that gives users inside better internet access. The progress pictures can be viewed below. Next time you are in the area, please stop in and see the new and improved trailer!

Ready to Recess!
Cutting is S-L-O-W!
Sanding the floor clean
Hard and messy work, but looks much better!
Ready for track prep
Ready for paint
E-tracks are painted, thanks to Scott Eldridge!
1st Coat of Poly
All finished with the floor
Pulling new cables for connectivity and wifi