• SMAT (State Medical Assistance Team)

    The EHPC SMAT houses over 15
    mobile resources ranging from
    prime movers to Vidant Medical
    Center's M.A.B.

  • SMAT (State Medical Assistance Team)

    Each year, the EHPC SMAT team assists
    in providing medical coverage for a number
    of planned events. Keep an eye out for an
    upcoming deployments on our Events Page.

  • SMAT (State Medical Assistance Team)

    In 2021, the EHPC SMAT was home to over
    300 medical and non medical volunteers.
    We are always in search of new, dedicated,
    hard working team members

  • SMAT (State Medical Assistance Team)

    Have you heard the big news?

  • SMAT (State Medical Assistance Team)

    Stay tuned for the save the date - 2022 Disaster Symposium

  • SMAT (State Medical Assistance Team)

    Storm Updates...
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  • SMAT (State Medical Assistance Team)

    New PSA on the 3 Ws


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2018 NCEM Hurricane Florence Response Video

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Ever wonder what your healthcare coalition is doing for your community and the region? Take a quick look here for some of our major projects and best practices from Fiscal Year 2017-2018.



EHPC Peds Tabletop Exercise

Nov 2, 2021 @ 12:30pm


EHPC Quarterly Coalition Meeting – Q4

November 10, 2021
Greenville, NC


EHPC Quarterly Coalition Meeting – Q1

February 10, 2022
Greenville, NC

About Us

The EHPC SMAT is a multidiscipline
volunteer team of medical and non
medical professionals, established
to provide mobile medical support
for short and long term disasters or
catastrophic events.

SMAT: Our Mission

To ensure the delivery of healthcare services that protect the health and well-being of the residents and guests of North Carolina before, during, and after events that may overwhelm the healthcare system.

The EHPC SMAT team paired
with the coalition are taking
a step forward with our social
media presence! Follow us!

We have challenge coins! Volunteer at the next State Medical Assistance Team event and receive one!

Interested in being a part of this awesome team! Why don't you check us out and learn how to volunteer at our next event.