EHPC/SMAT Deployment Resources

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Click on Picture (above) for Regional Mission Ready Packages. Some of the items are listed below.

Ambulance Bus

Medical Ambulance Bus (MAB) Deployment checklist and Documents


COMU  Field Comm – 1 (FC-1)

Shelter and Sheltering Support

Western Shelter Gatekeeper (19′ x 35′ tent)
Western Shelter Gatekeeper (20’ x 20’ tent)
Deployed Logix ASAP 18 (18’ x 15’ shelter)
Deployed Logix HUB System (connection to multiple tents)
Western Shelter XE 1200 HVAC Unit
Handwashing Stations

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Cardiac Monitoring

Mobile Telemetry Station

Portable Suction

Laerdal Portable Suction LCSU 2
Manual Suction Handpump

Fatality Management

Refrigerated Trailer

BioSeal System Mass Fatality System

Response Trailers

Medical Support Units (MSU)
Medical Resupply Trailer
Decontamination Trailer
Special Medical Support Trailer (SMSS)
Light Tower with 20kW GenSet
Genie TML-4000N Light Tower
100kW Mobile Generator

Educational Supplies

BDLS & ADLS Training Site
Training Manikins
SMART Triage System

Radio Checkout