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2018 NCEM Hurricane Florence Response Video

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Trillium Hurricane Season Preparedness:


Ever wonder what your healthcare coalition is doing for your community and the region? Take a quick look here for some of our major projects and best practices from Fiscal Year 2017-2018.


Alternate Care Facility Trailers of Use During Hurricane Florence

Prior to Hurricane Florence, hospitals, ancillary care facilities, and EMS agencies were working through every avenue to request cots to help billet […]


EHPC Communications Unit Supports Regional Hospital

Following Hurricane Florence, eastern North Carolina was facing widespread critical communications outages. EHPC was able to support a regional hospital […]


The group took on a pretty large project of updating the interior of the M8. Over the holiday break the floor of the M8 had some TLC in the form of recessing the floor e-tracks (they provide a connection point to tie down the equipment). When the track process was completed, the floors were tackled […]


Crews departed Thursday September 12 for a 7 day deployment to staff both the MDH clinic and Island EMS at Ocracoke Island, NC. The on-going mission is to provide staffing and support to the island during their recovery phase after hurricane Dorian. The current crew will spend the next 7 days operating on the island, […]


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