Those who have been diagnosed or have a family member diagnosed with cancer can have a particularly hard time when natural disasters occur. This can range from not having the ability to refill a prescription to roadways being blocked so they can’t make it to the hospital to continue their treatment. Please visit this page for assistance and advice on what you should do before disaster strikes.

120 to Landfall Regional Evacuation Exercise Documents

Online Resources

  1. FEMA Reimbursement :
    1. Attached are two resources that I hope you find helpful as you consider submitting eligible COVID-19 expenses to FEMA for reimbursement.  The FEMA Applicant Quick Guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to file your request for reimbursement in the FEMA Grants Portal.  The NCEM FEMA Cost Reimbursement Process Guidance offers additional information on the reimbursement process and descriptions of expenses which may be eligible for reimbursement under FEMA Category B (emergency protective measures). These and other resources, including an on-demand briefing video and public assistance process tutorials, are available on the NCEM Public Assistance COVID-19 website and the SOG’s COVID-19 Emergency Management website.  And, each applicant for FEMA reimbursement is assigned a NCEM Public Assistance Grants Manager to assist you – once you’re registered in the FEMA Grants Portal, your PA grants manager will be listed within your applicant event profile so you will know who to contact directly for assistance (if you aren’t sure where to look in your profile in the Grants Portal, watch this tutorial).
    1. Workbook information –